Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is MX Media?

MX Media is an industry leader in online performance marketing and technology. We develop and implement Internet marketing campaigns, provide unparalleled service, and maximize long term relationships between online advertisers and publishers through our people, expertise and technology. MX Media operates a next generation Cost-Per-Action (CPA, CPL) network, which provides innovative tools and analytics to optimize the complex performance marketing channel. We currently accept advertisers and publishers from most European countries, in any vertical, and almost any type of traffic.

What kind of rates can I expect as a publisher?

Because of our small independent network, we're able to minimize our commission and give you the maximum allowed payouts. We also guarantee to match or pay out more than any other network.

When will you pay me?

We offer timely monthly, bi-weekly and even weekly payments. Check with your Affiliate Manager for more information.

How will you pay me?

You can request payment via PayPal or bank wire.

How do I become a verified Publisher?

To protect our advertisers, we have a somewhat rigorous, yet seamless verification process that all publishers must complete before they can use MX Media. Only a few things are required from you: tax information, website and marketing habits, e-mail verification, phone number verification, and ID verification. Once you've completed the verification process, it may take up to 1 business day for us to review and approve your account.

Can I still earn money if I'm not verified?

No. You must be fully verified before you can begin doing anything with MX Media. Unfortunately, this may be of some inconvenience to you but it's a necessary requirement from our advertisers. This industry is full of fraud and we must enforce these rules to stay on top.

Do you accept incent publishers?


Do I need to provide my tax information?

Yes, we require VAT information from all advertisers and publishers.

How can I advertise with MX Media?

You may request more information from our advertisers page and one of our account specialists will contact you.

What is the minimum lead purchase order for advertisers?

For new advertisers, 50 leads is our minimum order to start. This number is set according to the competitive market. If you've ever taken a business class, you know about the law of large numbers. It basically states that the more people you contact, the more you'll close. If we just let you buy 5 or even 10 at a time, you're not going to see a good return on your money. That is why we have our minimum order, so you get your feet wet enough to make money on these. It's really for your protection. From there you can just pay for leads as you go. We only deal with exclusive leads and never sell “overstock”, “aged” or “non exclusive” leads.